Posted on Mar 12, 2020

Dallas Bathtub Services

As we hear more about Covid19 it may ease minds to know I wear a charcoal respirator and rubber gloves while working. The surface is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant before the new surface is applied. After the application of the new surface it can not be touched for 24 hours so you will be the first person touching your new surface. As an owner operated business I have always placed customer well being above my own and rescheduled jobs in the past years if I had something like strep throat. Never wanting to bring anything around your home. I don't have a quota to meet so I am not in a rush to simply "get a job done". You and your home are much more than a job to me! For a free quote send over a picture 972-391-7994 and I will get you an exact quote and not bother you in the future! Learn more below!
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