Posted on Jan 13, 2021

Dallas Bathtub Services Refinishing

A Cat sprayed my passenger doors while my doors were open and I was on the porch talking to a customer. This trick was told to me by my uncle who owned a car lot in Dallas for over 40 years. Crush a small amount of a pool chlorine tablet in an old cup. In a separate cup heat up some water and pour over the chlorine tablet. set the cup in your vehicle overnight. The next morning the smell was gone! No heavy Chlorine smell either. Just a light hint of chlorine that smelled fresh. I used a black light and could find no trace of urine but the smell was pungent! Even though the smell was gone I shampooed the seats and carpet with a light mixture of apple cider vinegar and a microbial disinfectant pre spray (rubbing alcohol works well too.. I used microban). I will use the chlorine trick one more time tonight for good measure! Thought it might be worth telling people about since it can happen to any of us!
Dallas Bathtub Services
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