Posted on Dec 29, 2020

Dallas Bathtub Services Refinishing

This is the after pic of the bathtub refinishing today in Dallas, Texas. This is not Epoxy or Acrylic paint but instead it is Fluoropolymer coating made for the bathtub and tile refinishing Industry. It is bonded with a dental bonding agent called silane. I use a very high quality silane bonding agent that is a blend of 7 different silanes! The bonding agent alone is $175 per quart and I NEVER dilute the bonding agent. It is applied full strength as a wipe on primer and also used in the first 3 coats applied to the tub to get an excellent chemical bond. The refinished bathtub in this picture has a total of 9 coats applied. It was dry to the touch before I left (so no worries about airborne dust or particles that may settle). Learn more by clicking the button below to go to my website! The before picture was posted before this post. Thank you for considering me! Also thank you for supporting small businesses during this difficult time! PLEASE know it is appreciated!
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